Google Places Optimization

Over the past few years, Google has been placing far more emphasis on the results users see when they perform a search through their platform. And as they move towards a mobile-first index, the information provided to Google including reviews is more important than ever. After all, it’s far easier now to search for a business online than go looking for one in the phone book.
Recently, the focus has shifted from traditional SEO towards Google Places optimization. Here at eGumball, we have worked with thousands of clients to ensure they appear front and center when users are looking for local businesses that serves their desires. By putting a heavier emphasis on the keywords that best represent your company in the search results, you will be able to generate a far greater number of new customers than before! <p> This is a time-consuming process that you as a business owner may not have time to manage. Our specialists understand what it takes to help you stand out from the crowd, so you can rest easy knowing you’re receiving the best possible service available!